November 1st, 2011

Cialis Jokes

New lightened variant:
viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy soft tab “. Simply want to kiss!
New escalated variant:
“Cialis plus”. Acts even at home!

- Did you hear about lethal upshot after taking Cialis?
- Yes, I heard. It was when one man taken 12 cialis pills at one time…
- And what happened?
- His wife died.

The new computer program “Cialis” will easy transform your flexible diskette into a hard disk!

An older man asks his doctor to make out a prescription for a new medicine - Cialis.
“Well, - agrees his doctor, - I will draw a prescription, but with one condition: You’ll come to me next week and will tell me about your wife’s response”.
Seven days later that man comes up for doctor’s cabinet.
“Well, what is your wife’s response?” – asks his doctor.
“While nothing, - answers the patient, - I wasn’t at home yet”.